Monday, February 11, 2008

My Most Effective Diabetes Diet Plan

I am a diabetic (type 2) who has been searching for an effective diabetes diet plan for many years. I wanted to share my research, what I've discovered, and what is working for me.
As we all know, any effective diabetes diet plan has to include eating small, low glycemic foods several times per day to both control blood sugar and eliminate rapid blood sugar changes throughout the day. To do this, I have previously tried the SouthBeach and Atkins diets. However, both left me feeling deprived, irritable, jittery, and also left me with significant mental fog.
A friend of mine tried Medifast and I agreed to give it a look, only because he assured me that it included a decent amount of carbs and snacks. However, it was the John Hopkins study which indicated that random participants on Medifast lost twice as much weight and (and stuck with their diets twice as often) as participants on the ADA (American Diabetes Association) diet plan that really got my interest. (Link to this study below.) I've been on the ADA diet plan as well and it's not a picnic.
The program's diabetes diet plan that taste pretty darn decent and leaves me feeling like myself. Basically I chose five small meals from the plan's foods and then I prepare one main meal (which is called "lean and green" by Medifast. The lean and green meal is essentially lean protein and vegetables. The program is easy to follow because it's easy to get in a grove since you learn pretty quickly what choices are available.
My typical day on Medifast includes scrambled eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, a cappuccino or latte for a mid morning snack, chili, soup or stew for lunch, a bar or shake for an afternoon snack, my lean and green meal for dinner and a nightcap of a fruit smoothie (which I make from the fruit drink with ice in a blender).
I have had to lower my insulin as my levels have come way down on this diet. And I've lost almost 40 pounds. I hope this helps.
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